Virtual Doula Services

Now more than ever we are living in times of uncertainty. Managing through the changes in daily life can add to the extra strain of preparing for a new arrival. New Birth Services wants to partner with you to alleviate some of that strain so that you are able to have the opportunity to relax and feel more supported for the upcoming birth of your child. With a virtual doula, you will have access to someone to talk to and who can provide possible solutions for your unique situation. Your virtual doula can act as a living resource in your pocket and provide the support that you can count on when needed the most, no matter where you are.

With virtual doula support you will receive the following:

- Unlimited emails, texts, and phone calls

- Monthly private video chats up until 8 months, and then weekly video chats until the birth.

- During the time of your labor and birth, you will have access to unlimited video chat, phone calls and text messaging to help you navigate the birth experience.

- After the birth, you will have access to one video chat per week for six weeks and unlimited email, phone and text support.

In preparation for and during the birth we can cover comfort measures, labor positions, tips to help labor progress, ways to create a more comfortable environment, how to advocate for your wishes, how to understand what an intervention is and why it may or may not be necessary, extra encouragement for your partner

During your postpartum time, we can cover breastfeeding challenges, baby sleep tips, postpartum healing, postpartum mood & emotions, family dynamics and more.

You deserve the highest quality care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Virtual birth doula support can bridge the gap, answer your questions and relieve your anxiety.

Cost: $1,100

Virtual Childbirth Education:


With experience of teaching hundreds of couples to prepare for birth, I can provide you with evidenced-based information that has been proven to help you gain the knowledge you need to feel more confident as the day of your birth arrives. 

Private personalized classes: $40/hr (2-hour min)

Group classes: Coming soon!

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