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Happy Families

"My husband and I stumbled on Christine from a recommendation from another Doula who herself was out on maternity leave.  And boy are we glad that we did!  We started our Doula search a bit late in the pregnancy, around 36 weeks, but Christine made herself available to meet with us twice before I gave birth.  This was my first child and although I took all the classes Kaiser offers, meeting with Christine one on one put me more at ease.  She was able to talk me through the whole process and gave me additional coping techniques for labor.  Not only was she an incredibly calming and helpful presence at the birth, but even took some photos that I am so thankful to have.  Christine is incredibly knowledgeable, but also an advocate to do what is right for you and your body.  Plus, she is just a really nice and patient person.  I would definitely recommend Christine as a choice for your Doula." - Heidi 

"Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in life. Thanks to God, I was able to have the support of a doula, who, more than a doula, is a great friend. She was always present every time I needed her. With her great experience, she guided my steps and together we walked on this path of life that was new for me. She offered me protection and I never felt alone because her support continued through her advice. She made my birth a great event full of tranquility, music, laughter…a pleasurable environment. Her great help continued with the arrival of my baby, directing me to be able to give the best care towards my baby and towards myself. Her unconditional help makes her job to be the best!!! God bless Christine Torres. She is in my heart!!!" - Translated from below-


"El embarazo es una maravillosa etapa de la vida. Gracias a Dios, pude contar con el apoyo de una Doula, que más que una Doula es una gran amiga... Siempre estuvo presente cada vez que la necesitaba, con su gran experiencia guió mis pasos y juntas caminamos en este sendero de la vida que para mí era nuevo. Me brindo protección y jamás me sentí sola, porque su apoyo continuo lo tuve a través de sus consejos. Hizo de mi parto un gran acontecimiento lleno de tranquilidad, música, risas... Un ambiente agradable. Su gran ayuda continuo con la llegada de mi bebe, orientándome para tener el mejor cuidado hacia mi bebe y conmigo misma. Su ayuda incondicional hace que su trabajo sea lo mejor!!! Dios la bendiga Christine Torres. La llevo en mi corazón!!! - Milly

"My son was a complete surprise for me and my husband, so from day one, I found myself overwhelmed and full of questions. Even though Christine is located hundreds of miles from me, and in a different time zone, she made herself available to talk with me and answer questions whenever I needed her. She helped me understand what was going on during pre-labor, helped me form a birth plan, guided me through breastfeeding, and helped talk me through post-partum feelings. Christine helped me realize that birth, breastfeeding, and caring for my newborn didn’t have to be an overwhelming process, but a joyful, natural process, and for that, I am truly grateful! "

Lauren - IA

"Christine is so warm and kind. She makes you feel very comfortable. She did as much as she could to help us every step of the way and made sure she followed what ever your birth plan is. Christine made sure to show and provide instructions to my husband so he could be as involved as possible. She helped us labor at home til I was ready to go in to the hospital at 8cm! Even though Christine was not able to be with us physically in the delivery room she stayed at the hospital in the parking lot til I delivered! Christine is definitely dedicated as a doula! She stayed on the phone the entire time listening to me and everything going on so she could assist, she could hear me and would remind me to change my breathing or would suggest a different position and again gave verbal assistance to my husband as well. What a difference she has made from my first pregnancy, I did not have a doula. If in the future we decide to get pregnant we will definitely ask Christine for her assistance again!" - Elaine

More Testimonials...

Christine was a wonderful birth doula and I had the best experience as a first time mom, thanks to Christine. She was available for all the questions I had and helped guide me through decisions I needed to make in the weeks before my baby was due (pros and cons for membrane sweeps, induction methods, etc). She was such a wonderful resource to rely on and I felt well prepared for labor and delivery.

On the day of labor, Christine was punctual and quick to meet us at our home during early labor. She helped immensely encouraging me (and my husband!) through contractions at our home and at the hospital. She helped encourage me through my labor and delivery goals. She was very supportive and I am so thankful I had Christine help me through the hardest and most painful, yet greatest day in my life. She even took pictures to capture candid memories that I will forever look back on with tears of joy in my eyes.

Christine also went above and beyond connecting with my during my post partum journey with regular check-ins by text. I truly felt cared for and supported not only in the weeks leading up to my labor and delivery, but the several months during post partum.

I highly recommend Christine to anyone needing extra support for their birth! -Megan

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