What Postpartum Support Looks Like

Mother and baby in postpartum care

What will postpartum support look like for me? This is a common question that I get from potential clients who want to understand how they can be supported and have their needs met during the postpartum period. Postpartum support will look different for each individual family and their needs, but there is a basic overview of what it could be seen.

Prenatally: Postpartum support, if possible, will begin before the birth of the baby. Meeting with clients before the baby is born to get to know them more and their desires for their postpartum period are beneficial to provide support more effectively from the beginning. I prefer to meet at least once with the mother/family to be able to form a relationship with the family and to get a better understanding of what their life is like and their hopes for the postpartum period.

Postpartum: After the birth of the baby I will provide support in different ways. I am going to break this down into 3 different groups for better understanding of the different areas; postpartum education and support, baby care, and household support. Below is a closer look at these three areas.

  • Postpartum care: After the birth from a baby, A LOT is happening, which consists of recovering, transition, adjusting, analyzing, planning, and learning. Then add in hormonal changing and you got a whole postpartum melting pot in one household. Try not to worry though, I can help so that melting pot doesn’t over flow and can brew together for a beautiful combination. Together, we can work through different things to help you prevail, including debriefing your birth, helping you to figure out your parenting style and putting that into practice, how to adjust with other family members including siblings and grandparents of the baby, as well as breastfeeding support. Planning for the future is something that is not out of mind as well, as we know that many moms want to figure out how to adjust make going back to work easier, or how to adjust for when the partner goes back to work. Feeling more comfortable about what is to come as your life as a new mother is something that can come naturally from professional support.

  • Baby care: Babies are also on our list of care. Everything from diapering, baby carrying/holding, soothing, feeding, and sleeping are all important to me. The difference between a doula and some other baby care specialists is that we involve you in the care of your baby, helping you to learn and be confident in your skills caring for your baby. When you need a break though, I have no fear to step in to let you take care of yourself. We work as a team to help your baby to thrive

  • Household support: Taking care of the house can be the last thing on a new mother’s list, but the pressure do get it done can be overwhelming. A postpartum doula can help to take that load off by chipping in so that the parents can delight in their new baby, and take time to heal from the birth. Fixing light meals and helping to prepare meal plans, light cleaning and laundry, and helping out with home safety and accommodation can be steps to making parenting easier to adjust to.

As a postpartum doula I look after the whole family unit by focusing on the well-being of the mother, baby, and parental-baby dyad. The desired outcome is to have their parents more confident in their role in the newly adjusted family by the time I leave, helping to establishing great foundations. Ultimately though, you are the one who decides what you want your support to look like. It is your journey and time to shape. I'll help you to figure out what shape you want and to put the lines together. For more information about how New Birth Services can support you in your postpartum period, connect with me..