Using a Birth Ball

The simple things can have such a big impact. Take a ball for example. Many people will consider a ball as a toy for children, but in reality it can have a lot of uses for adults as well. Think of stress balls for example. What mom hasn't benefited from squeezing out stress at times?

Ok, so this isn't about stress balls though. Its about birth balls. I'm not referring to the confidence that it takes to give birth, I am referring to the kind you can sit on. They are also commonly known as exercise or fitness balls, and yoga balls. Imagine yourself in the picture below.

Well there are so great uses for one of these things in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum time. Let's explore some of the benefits that a birth ball can have for you.

During pregnancy:

During pregnancy, a birth ball is a great substitute for a hard chair or sunken in couch. It allows for balance, core and back strengthening and comfort, as well as can encourage good positioning for the baby. Sitting on a birth ball can alleviate pressure from sitting on a firm surface, such as a hard chair. Rocking or bouncing can bring comfort as well.

During Labor:

There are many benefits that a labor/birth ball can provide while you are in labor. Many of these come from the positions that you are allowed while in labor. These can be sitting on the ball straight up, or sitting and leaning over something, such as a bed or a counter. This position allows you to rest while sitting down, and encourages pelvic relaxation while at the same time avoids the firm counter pressure on your pelvic floor that you would find from a chair or bed. It also leaves your back free in case a good massage is needed. The shape provides an extra benefit as it allows you to move your hips in all directions which can help to open your pelvis, as well as provide for a method of rhythm. Finding rhythm in labor can be a great aide to help a woman cope.

You are also able to use the birth ball on a table, counter, or bed, while standing and leaning over it. This again allows for the back to be free, as well as the hips. Here a woman can once again move in a rhythmic motion. Both the sitting and standing allow for the extra benefit of gravity, and give you extra support to be comfortable.


The benefits of a birth ball doesn't end when pregnancy does. There are still many great benefits after the baby is born as well. Bouncing and rocking are great way to calm a baby, work on those core muscles, as well as sit on something that puts less pressure on a sore perineum than a chair. So much easier for relief.

Isn't it great that the simple things in life can still be so effective? As you can see, there are great uses and pros of using a birth ball during labor. To find out more about how you can benefit from one and how to practice, request a consultation with New Birth Services to learn more.