Six Great Reasons to Hire a Doula for your Birth

Choosing whether or to not hire a doula for your upcoming birth can be a tough decision, and many times, people are on the fence on whether or not it will be worth the investment. If you are in a spot uncertainty about the issue, let me share with you some great reasons on why hiring a doula is worth it.

1. The Proven Benefits

That’s right, there actually are studies to prove benefits of doulas in the labor room, and it’s not just anecdotal stories. Among these benefits are shorter labors, lower intervention rates, healthier babies, and overall better experiences for couples during the birth process. Don’t believe me? You can find much of this information at

2. Constant professional support

A doula will usually come to assist you from active labor on, and will stay with you throughout your labor until the baby is born*. While you’ll have other forms of medical support at the hospital, nurses many times can have other patients, will be filling out paperwork, or will finish their shift. That doctor that you have been seeing throughout your pregnancy might not be on call the day that you go into labor if he or she works in a group practice, and if you happen to get that doctor for your birth, they are usually there for a short time during the labor and birth process anyway. A doula will be that constant support of someone that you have known from beforehand, who knows your desires and wishes, and will be there with you throughout your labor*. She is someone that you can depend on.

3. She is not related to you, yet knows you and is for you.

This can make a big difference in the kind of support you receive compared to a partner, mother, sister, or even friend being your support person. Many times, it can be hard for people to see the ones that they are close to going through pain or discomfort. This can make it hard for a closer support person to take a step back and look at the overall situation, instead of encouraging a mother to give in, or to “stop trying to prove something,” she will remind the mother of her wishes, come to where she is, and encourage her to keep her goals in mind, especially when she is ready to give in.

The doula is like a close friend without a personal connection