Postpartum Doula Support

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby! No matter how your baby has come, it is a time of adjustment and recovery, a time to take things slow, and most importantly connect with your precious newborn. This time of firsts is full of memories that you won’t want to miss. Allowing a postpartum doula to help you to be able to enjoy these moments can aid this experience. Just as you are in the midst of juggling new tasks, she will come alongside you and work with you as you learn about your baby and support you as you grow. She listens to you and affirms your experiences and feelings as you come into your new role as a parent. This is her job, and she is doing it for you and your family. New Birth Services will greatly fulfill this role for your time of need.

Home Support

Happy Young Family

Some ways that New Birth Services can support you and your family:

-  Debriefing your birth experience.

-  Support with healing after both vaginal and cesarean births.

-  Emotional support.

-  Familiarize you with different parenting skills and baby care.

-  Trained to recognize signs of postpartum depression.

-  Work with older siblings to adjust to a new baby.

-  Baby feeding support.

-  Light housework and meal preparation.

In Hospital Support

New Birth Services also offers in-hospital support to clients after birth. This support can be helpful for many reasons, some of the ways include the following:

-  Care for mother if the partner or other support person is not able to be there.

-  Physical support after both vaginal or cesarean birth

-  Facilitates communication between clients and medical staff

-  Emotional support

-  Newborn care

-  Baby feeding

Postpartum doula hosptial support for mother and baby

*Note: This does support does not take the place of the medical staff.