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Experience a better birth
A new birth

New Birth Services is excited to announce a change in focus. After working as a doula and childbirth educator for many years, I have decided to fine-tune my content. I absolutely love helping people in preparation for birth and during their birth, and one big focus that I have from both personal and professional experience in guiding people on ways to improve their birth experience. This could be from a previous birth, but even if you have never given birth, you can work towards preparing based on knowledge of other births.


Because of this, I am creating content directed specifically to that area. I have already heard from others, but I would love to be able to cater to YOU. To your hopes and desires, and I have created a survey to be able to understand better what your needs are. If you are currently pregnant, or have previously given birth and plan to again, I would love for you to fill this out. Please take a few minutes and fill out the following:



If you would like to connect directly and discuss this right away, feel free to reach out one of the following ways:

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