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Baby on the way?

Tiny Feet
Are virtual doula services for me?

New Birth Services is fully qualified to assist you with the following and more:


-  Setting goals and outlining preferences for your birth and postpartum experience.

-  Finding ways to involve the partner during labor and postpartum.

-  Assisting and providing emotional support to you and your partner during labor, delivery and postpartum.

-  Assessing and guiding in comfort measures.

-  Providing information and non-judgemental support during the postpartum period.

-  Supporting you and your family during your breastfeeding journey.


Nurturing Empowered Women

New Birth Services provides support and information in order to establish confidence in the decisions that you make. We help you to navigate your choices and to develop the skills that would benefit you and your family. New Birth Services believes that it is okay to enjoy your birth and postpartum expereince.


"Christine is a wonderful person and a wonderful doula! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula."

- Jenny K.

"I am so thankful that Christine was with us. She brought us reassurance and trust during the hardest moments and gave me confidence to be involved.". 

- Alejandro L

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